Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First blog

Hi there, I'm Manda and basically this is just the first entry to give people a sense of what myself and the (currently smaller, hopefully soon to be expanded) group of student s are trying to accomplish.

Basically what we are dealing with and hoping to change is this discourse involving high tuition and student debt, as well as the changes in the economy and the job market, which requires increasingly high levels of education in order to compete and participate.

Who is left out? Who is disadvantaged or advantaged by the current system? What barriers do people face in today's system, in regards to education and employment? What can we do to make a change for the better?

We are looking at various topics, such as class, status, gender, debt, parenthood, capitalism and much more are being discussed in regards to the unequal access/ opportunity for people to gain secondary education or meaningful employment.

Education should be a right and not a privilege! Continuing the way we are in society is only helping to perpetuate the inequalities we face, and we want to work at changing that.

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